Home Politics Establishment GOP and Liberal Media Join Forces to Remove Pro-MAGA Arizona Rep

Establishment GOP and Liberal Media Join Forces to Remove Pro-MAGA Arizona Rep

Arizona Republican State Representative David Stringer is one of the few public officials willing to state the truth about immigration publicly. For his candor, he was re-elected earlier this month to his post. But the establishment Arizona GOP, cronyist Chamber of Commerce, and the fake news have other plans. They want democracy to be effectively overturned because of a media-concocted witch hunt.

“The difference between the Polish-American immigrant and the immigrant from Somalia is the second-generation Polish immigrant looks like the Irish kid and the German kid and every other kid. But the immigrant from Somalia does not,” Stringer said in comments that are supposed to be controversial.

“Cities are primarily African-American. They are diverse. They have other groups, but they are primarily African-American. The immigration thing is affecting Arizona and California, Texas, Florida — states like that in a very dramatic way. It’s producing tensions and it’s producing burdens on our system,” he added.

“It costs a lot of more to educate a child who doesn’t speak English as a native language,” Stringer said. “So that’s a burden on the taxpayers. It’s a pretty significant burden.”

“The Hispanics, even middle-class Hispanics, they vote Democratic because the number one issue is immigration and bringing more — they’re coreligionist — bringing more people like them into the country,” he said.

Stringer continued: “So you’re never going to get Hispanics elected as Republicans as long as the Republican party is for border security and lowering levels of immigration. Not gonna work. They’re not that stupid. They understand which party will do more for them.”

For plainly speaking the truth, Stringer was profiled by the liberal media as a racist. The Arizona Republican Party elite and Chamber of Commerce, who generally oppose Trump’s immigration agenda because they want cheap labor to boost their bottom line, are already pressuring Stringer to resign.

“Representative Stringer’s comments are vile and won’t be tolerated,” Arizona House Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers said. “His remarks don’t reflect the sentiments of the Arizona Legislature, the constituents we represent, and the policies we enact. Given the diversity of my own family, I take personal offense to these disgusting comments.”

“These comments render him incapable of performing his duties as chair,” Bowers continued.

“What we see from David Stringer is an unfortunate pattern of him putting his foot in his mouth with racist commentary which can only be attributed to a perspective that is out of touch with reality,” Arizona GOP Chair Jon Lines said.

“As the governor has previously stated, this type of rhetoric should disqualify someone from serving in the legislature. We support Speaker-Elect Bowers’ removal of his chairmanship,” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said.

Previously, Stringer had made other comments deemed offensive by the liberal elite and the pro-open borders GOP establishment. This was the previous comment he made in its full context that was supposedly so reprehensible:

60 percent of public school children in the state of Arizona today are minorities. That complicates racial integration because there aren’t enough white kids to go around. And when you look at that 60 percent number for public school students, just carry that forward 10 or 15 years. It’s going to change the demographic voting base of this state. And that’s what’s going on around the country. Immigration is politically destabilizing. President Trump has talked about this. Immigration today represents an existential threat to the United States. If we don’t do something about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country will be irrevocably changed and we will be a very different country. It will not be the country you were born into.

Stringer won by an over 17 percent margin against the Democrat opponent who obtained the nearest vote total in his state house race. The voters of Arizona clearly approve of Stringer’s common sense point of view on immigration. The political establishment and their cowardly enablers will have a hard time overturning the will of the people by removing this patriotic legislator. They tried to do it with the great Steve King of Iowa and failed there too!

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