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Exposed! Video of Al Sharpton Surfaces, Screaming ‘Kill Police’ and “Crackers”


Somehow, despite the calls to violence, Sharpton has managed to rise to prominence as a leader of the black community and an advocate for civil rights.

Over the years, Al Sharpton has never ceased to amaze us with horribly racist statements against white people. The problem? The media likes to sweep the stupid things Sharpton says under the carpet, while completely tearing apart any white person who even relays statistics.

It has taken 25 years for this video to surface, but finally there is proof of Sharpton’s hatred towards whites. Back in 1992, Sharpton was speaking at Kean College, when he was recorded endorsing the killing of police men and women as well as white people.

Here’s the incriminating video, proving that Al Sharpton is a bigot and a total idiot for thinking this crap was never going to come to the surface.

It’s scary to think that the mainstream liberal media has taken over so much of our news, but in outing criminals like Sharpton we can take back our America. The time has come to fix the major issues in the United States, starting with spreading the truth to the people. We can’t let racists like Sharpton get away with this type of behavior any longer.

This is disgusting. People consider him a leader? Leaders don’t abdicate killing anyone!! What a POS he is and always has been. He divides the races more than anybody I’ve ever seen!

Al Sharpton is a fraud and a con-artist. He does not care about black people, and he is happy to use them as a claim to fame.

I believe in freedom of speech, but this man, is a cancer that spreads throughout our country.