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FBI Could Re-Open Clinton Criminal Case


President Trump’s most recent decision to fire the FBI director James Comey may have huge consequences for Hillary Clinton. It could result in the FBI re-opening the investigation in to whether she broke the law by mishandling classified material. It’s finally happening!

Recently, a former FBI agent told Fox News, “I would be surprised if they did not review all the investigations regarding HRC and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution. The statute of limitations hasn’t come into play yet.”

According to the same agent, the newly appointed FBI director might choose to review all the aspects of the case against Hillary Clinton. He/she could also choose to rescind any deals or offers of immunity given to Hilary Clinton’s associates.

A new [Attorney General] and new director may take a good look at the entire case, and if anyone who received immunity did not live up to their agreement, like Huma [Abedin] with the classified documents on her computer, the deal is off and they are potential targets again,” the agent told Fox News.

And as we all know, President Trump has repeatedly stated that James Comey was fired because of the manner in which he handled the investigation into Hillary’s email server.

“It’s simple, He wasn’t doing a good job,” President Trump stated, “He was not doing a good job.”

What do you think about this? Should the FBI launch another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server?

She definitely committed a crime and like every other criminal, she should be charged for it!


H/T: USA News Flash