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FBI still hunt for Capitol protestors…whilst conveniently ignoring BLM and Antifa riots in Minneapolis

In recent events, a number of riots have taken place in Minneapolis involving two main groups; Black Lives Matter and Anfifa. Both groups have been responsible for rioting and looting, with local, small businesses sometimes being on the receiving end of their antics. Similarly, they have also clashed with local police and have fired various objects and missiles at anyone trying to oppose them.

During this commotion, if you take a look at the official FBI Twitter account, then it is quite clear where their priorities lie. It is obvious that they are still hunting those who took part in the Capitol Hill protests. Here, they have released a number of mugshots, close-up stills and various other images over the past few days.

At the same time, their stance on the Minneapolis riots has been non-existent. Of course, this could change at some point, but for now the silence speaks volumes. One has to ask exactly why this is allowed to go on?

On the one hand, the FBI are seemingly happy to sink vast amounts of money and time into catching those who visited Capitol Hill. Yet, on the other hand for now at least, they’ve turned a blind eye to the BLM and Antifa riots that are literally burning buildings to the ground.

Yes, that’s right. News recently broke that Antifa set fight to an ICE building which had ICE agents working inside at the time. This could have easily killed several workers. At the same time, this incident was not covered by mainstream media or news outlets.

So, why was this? Well, for some time there has been a theory that the liberals have tacitly consented to the likes of BLM and Antifa due to having a large voter base in both organizations. This makes sense for the FBI, a branch of the government to avoid going after some of its voters for PR reasons.

On a similar level, you could say that the left-wing media is also notoriously bias in showing exactly what it wants the public to see and hear. With this said, it’s no wonder that it’s literally one rule for BLM and Antifa, and another for the Capitol protestors.

Whilst the FBI can choose to go after who they want, it is massively hypocritical to pick and choose what groups they target, especially when they are effectively funded by the tax-payer who represents the entirety of North America.

With this said, it will be interesting to see whether the FBI actually does anything to challenge the BLM or Antifa riots. Due to being politically backed in the past, it seems highly unlikely. By the same token, Joe Biden may be too busy checking his expensive watch collection to pay much notice.

The irony is that in other, similarly cynical news. This BLM protest took place in the same week that it was revealed that Patrisse Cullors purchased a $1.4 million house in a mostly white neighborhood. The neo-Marxist clearly isn’t that egalitarian when it comes to spending her own money on nice houses.