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Good Cop Delivers Instant Justice To A Hostage-Taker Who Put A Knife To Man’s Throat (Video)

One person is dead after a shooting involving deputies from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday afternoon.

According to Danielle Kernkamp, public information officer for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, the KCSO “received multiple reports of a suspect in the 5000 block of Pierce Road, breaking car windows and committing assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies responded and located the suspect who was armed with a deadly weapon. The suspect then attempted to take an uninvolved subject into a hostage situation and an officer-involved shooting occurred.
The suspect was later identified as 25-year-old Deven Karl Moore.

In a video edited by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, deputies can be seen following Moore as he walked away from them carrying a fire extinguisher. They order him to stop multiple times. At that point, Moore used the fire extinguisher and ram from the deputies.

Moore fled to a nearby guard shack at a business in the area and took a man hostage at knifepoint. It was at that point that Deputy Austin Burgess fired twice into the shack,

Video below:

The suspect was pronounced deceased.

No one else was injured.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office has determined that a shooting involving one of its deputies in Oildale in February was “within departmental policy.”

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