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Hilarious! Man Interrupts Clinton Book Tour: ‘Bill, This Is Boring!’

Thursday evening, Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared for the first time in the second leg of their joint tour and it went very bad because the tickets sales dropped and they had empty seats!

The thought that their second leg would be much better but things went from bad to worse!

The night featured a lot of softball questions, reportedly, but no mention of President Donald Trump or the disastrous 2016 presidential election. But if the crowd was bored by discussing issues from the mid-1990s, they were quickly energized by a heckler, who pointed out that the Clintons had long lost their shine.

“Bill, this is boring!” the heckler yelled. “Why don’t you talk about….”

Hillary quickly cut him off, with an odd comment about “important political conversations” and called the heckler an “agent provocateur.”

The rest of the audience heard, however. The heckler asked Clinton to talk about “Jeffrey Epstein.”

The heckler was, of course, swiftly hauled away, and the conversation returned to Bill talking about the good old days when he was president, telling such surely apocryphal tales as bringing together two veterans, each missing one leg, and a “formidable” overweight black lesbian activist — the veterans later telling Bill, with tears in their eyes, that they had more in common with this woman than they ever would have thought.

So, let me get this straight:
a. You still have a security team ( cost goes to the taxpayer);
b. You are selling a book ( Ummm, you want people to buy) , yet you are CHARGING them to have you SELL them the book?
c. Oh, and Clinton’s net-worth is ~ $ 100 million ( so they’re not rubbing to nickels together to start a fire or anything)

Yet ya wanna sell tickets? Gotta be kidding, right? It’s like someone’s grad school physiologist/sociological thesis project or something, right?

What do you think about this?

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