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Hilarious Video: Biden Just Tried To Copy Trump’s Bodega Visit By Going To A Gas Station In Sheetz Pennsylvania – Instead He Got Ignored By LITERALLY Everyone There

Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump by about 4.45 percentage points, according to Pew Research Center’s tabulation of final or near-final returns from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Biden received nearly 81.3 million votes, or 51.3% of all votes cast – a record, and more than 7 million more votes than Trump.

But the American people still wonder how a man who won so many votes is having rallies that have 50 people on them!

The last Presidential campaign was “justified” with Covid measures but this campaign again fails to attract people around him!

He faced social media criticism when posts went viral Tuesday about empty seats at his campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Brigitte Gabriel and Benny Johnson, conservatives with millions of followers, were among those who published posts that mocked perceived empty seats at Biden’s stop in his hometown.

Former President Donald Trump made a post-court visit Tuesday to the Manhattan bodega where clerk Jose Alba infamously stabbed an ex-con to death in self-defense two years ago — a case that drew widespread outrage after he was initially charged with murder — with the city native vowing to “straighten New York out.”

The Republican presidential contender stopped by the Sanaa Convenient Store, formerly known as the Blue Moon Convenient Store, in Harlem to meet with the store’s co-owner Maad Ahmed, and small business advocate Francisco Marte.

People gathered around him and even decided to sing the national anthem!

When Biden’s team saw that they thought they could replicate this visit by sending Biden to a gas station in Pennsylvania!

Biden visited a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but instead of a warm welcome he was ignored by everyone:

It’s amazing, Donald Trump shows up at a bodega, and people of all walks of life all races all ages all genders cheer him!

Biden tries to do the same but gets ignored or gets booed.

We could be looking at a landslide like we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

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