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Hillary Clinton Avoids an ‘Unwanted Trump Hug’


Back before that first presidential debate in September of 2016 which seems decades ago, we wondered how awkward the first exchange of pleasantries between Trump and Clinton would be.

This week, a piece of footage has surfaced that has reminded all of us just why Hillary Clinton was defeated by our current President Trump.

According to Mediaite, the above video was shared by Philippe Reines, a longtime operative for Hillary Clinton, who also played the role of Trump in debate prep.

Instead of going over the issues, Clinton and Reines instead spent their time practicing how best she could avoid a hug from Trump.

Today, Philippe Reines wrote on Twitter:

“Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice… A favorite moment from debate prep (9/24/16):”

If you’re skeptical because the video isn’t completely clear, Reines promises that it was really her:

If the election was held today, Trump would beat Hillary Clinton both in the Electoral College and the popular vote.

This is why Democrats keep losing. Practicing hugs while the American people needed real answers on the economy and healthcare. LOSERS!!

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