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Hollywood Director Encourages Leftists to Arm Themselves Against ‘Maga People,’ Says ‘This Is War’


Director Larry Charles of the famous comedy Borat came straight out and approved of leftist arming themselves to go to war against “Maga people” on Monday.

Charles took to twitter to apparently smear all Trump supporters as equivalent to the violent, pro-China “triad” mob who attacked peaceful pro-democracy protesters Sunday night. He is encouraging far-left agitators to arm themselves to attack Trump supporters here in the USA.

Charles tweeted: “After reading about armed #Triad thugs attacking pro-democracy protestors In #HongKong and the white supremacists/Proud Boys/Maga people embracing violence here I’m glad to see the left arming itself. This is war.”

Charles shared his tweet along with a link to a Guardian article that described the goal of left-wing groups, like Antifa, is to go as far as taking up arms at events to protect themselves from “other malicious and potentially armed groups.”

Democrats and liberals have for the most part, refused to condemn the violent actions of its extremist groups like Antifa. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would not speak out to condemn the self-described Antifa member who attempted to firebomb a federal detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, earlier this month.

When given the opportunity, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) would not speak out either.

Brietbart reported that the Seattle Antifascist Action took it a step further and actively praised the attacker, calling him a “martyr” in a Facebook post last week.

It read:

When our good friend and comrade Willem Van Spronsen took a stand against the fascist detention center in Tacoma, he became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism. He was kind and deeply loved by many communities; we cannot let his death go unanswered. Throughout history we idolize figures like John Brown for their courage to take the ultimate stand against oppression, and today we stand strong in our support for yet another martyr in the struggle against fascism. May his death serve as a call to protest and direct action.

Last month, journalist and editor Andy Ngo was attacked in Portland, Oregon causing him to be hospitalized with a brain bleed. Pictures showed cuts and bruises to his face and a torn earlobe.

The extents the radical left have gone to cause more division in the country to push their globalist/socialist agenda is very unnerving. You would think in this day and age, they could look back at history and see they are pushing for an environment that has destroyed many countries.

Unfortunately with mainstream media and Democrat politicians who set by and refuse to condemn it, along with Hollywood actively encouraging it, violence from the left will only get worse.