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Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Review: Game Changing Ammo

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Review

I can’t lie; I was very skeptical of loading Hornady LeveRevolution into my lever action rifle for the first time. Even though I knew it had been on the market for a while and tested by others, I struggled to get over the fact that a pointed bullet was pushing against the primer of the previously loaded bullet.

However, after overcoming that initial fear, I was beyond impressed with this ammo. As you continue reading my Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag review, you’ll discover the benefits, drawbacks, and specs of these 44 Magnum rounds in lever guns and revolvers.

So grab your favorite beverage, and keep reading!

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Overview

Hornady LeveRevolution bullets are an incredible breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers because this ammo has patented elastomer Flex Tip technology.

The Hornady FTX and MonoFlex bullets are safe to use in tubular magazines because the Flex Tip technology doesn’t ignite the primer of the round loaded before it. These bullets have a higher ballistic coefficient and a flatter trajectory, increasing down-range performance.

The .44 Remington Magnum, commonly known as the .44 Magnum or 44 Mag, is the creation of Elmer Keith, Smith & Wesson, and Remington Arms Company.

The 44 Mag was once the world’s most powerful handgun cartridge. While it’s no longer the top dog, the .44 Mag is still a tried-and-true favorite for many shooters across the US.

The .44 Magnum is one of the most popular large-bore cartridges today because it has a greater velocity and more energy than similar-sized projectiles.

So when Hornady developed the 44 Mag FTX LeveRevolution handgun ammunition, it only added to an already unmatched performance, not to mention you could use it in your Marlin 1894 Lever Action Rifle.

The unique bullet design paired with new propellants provides 44 Mag 225-grain FTX shooters with maximum muzzle velocity, flatter trajectories, more downrange energy, and increased velocities of up to 250 fps over traditional loads and bullets.

What is the unique bullet design? I’m glad you asked!

Hornady uses a hollow point bullet with a polymer tip to make these bullets more aerodynamic than flat-nosed bullets traditionally used in lever guns.

But I wanted to know how all this translates to the real world because manufacturers can say a lot about a product and how it performs in perfect conditions, but I’ve never shot in ideal conditions.

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Ammo

Our Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Review

Once I was convinced the rounds wouldn’t randomly fire in the magazine, I loaded one into the chamber and got ready to fire.

It was now time to disprove Hornady on the accuracy and functionality of their LeverRevolution ammo.

However, after the first trigger pull, clean ejection, and smooth reloading, I was only impressed with these rounds.

I found Hornady LeveRevolution to be more accurate and shoot flatter than the soft-point Winchester rounds I previously used.

I cycled through a couple of magazines worth of rounds to thoroughly convince myself of my findings and never had a malfunction, even when I tried cycling the rounds quickly.

What Is It Best For?

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag ammo is best for medium and big game hunting and self-defense.

The big-bore caliber can take a coyote-sized animal up to a bear. Many hunters carry a 44 Rem Mag as a last resort against bears when hunting in grizzly country.

So it’s no surprise that concealed carriers also use it for self-defense. However, since covering a rifle is practically impossible and .44 Rem Mag handguns are often large, I usually recommend other calibers for concealed carry, such as a 45 ACP or a 9mm Luger.


While the FTX bullets flatten the trajectory and increase terminal ballistics, I still don’t recommend the 44 Mag for long-distance shooting; it is still a handgun round, after all.

Hornady is a leading ammunition manufacturer, but their rounds are often more expensive than competitors, which is definitely the case with LeveRevolution.

If you own an older Henry .44 Magnum lever action carbine rifle, you might need to install a new magazine follower because this ammo may not cycle cleaning with the old style.

Pros and Cons

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Ammo

As with all of our ammo reviews, we aim to be as unbiased as possible. This is why I created this list of pros and cons for Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag ammo.


  • Accurate
  • Higher velocity
  • Increased range
  • Flatter Trajectory
  • Increased terminal performance
  • Reloadable brass
  • Powerful enough to handle most big game in North America, from whitetail deer to grizzly bears
  • It can be used as handgun or lever action rifle ammo


  • Expensive
  • It may require a new magazine follower to function correctly in certain guns
  • Not designed for long-range shooting


The specs table below is to help give you easy access to 44 Mag rounds general specifications. The following sections will provide more specific details regarding 44 Mag LeveRevolution.

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Cartridge Specifications


As of this writing, Hornady has produced only a single type of 44 Mag LeveRevolution ammunition, which is the 225 gr FTX LeveRevolution. However, the 200gr MonoFlex Handgun Hunter and 240gr XTP Custom ammo lines can be used for the same purposes as LeveRevolution ammunition.

Of course, the Hornady LeveRevolution line carries multiple calibers like 30-30357 Mag, and 45-70 GOVT, among others.

Our Testing Procedure

My testing procedure is relatively simple. I like to compare ammo with rounds I’ve previously fired through the gun to see how it performs against the ammo I currently use.

I’ll start close to sight in my scope (if needed) and then work my way further from the target, ensuring the rounds stay on target at typical hunting distances.

Once I’ve determined the accuracy of the rounds, I like to move closer to the target and fire off a few rounds quickly to test how well they cycle.

After recording my findings, I’m ready to begin writing my ammo review.

I used a Marlin lever action rifle. I wish I had a Ruger Blackhawk to test these rounds with, but I do not, so my results are based on shooting LeveRevolution out of a rifle.

Ballistics of Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Bullets

I’ve gathered the ballistics for 44 Rem Mag LeveRevolution bullets below.

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Ballistics table


If you’re not convinced, like I am, that Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag ammo is right for you, don’t worry; plenty of other options are available on the market. I’ve tried to find various bullet styles and price points to fit your needs better.

Parting Shots

Now that you’ve finished reading our Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag review, you understand why I’m a massive fan of these rounds, and you should add them to your Christmas wish list, just as I have done recently.

While I was initially concerned, after using these rounds for a while, I now confidently load them as if they’re rimfire rounds.

If you’re still on the hunt for high-quality 44 Mag ammo at an excellent price; don’t overlook us at Ammo.com!

Frequently Asked Questions

44 Mag Rifle

Below, the team at Ammo.com has taken the liberty to round up and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Hornady 44 Mag LeveRevolution ammo.

Is Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag worth buying?

Yes, Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag is worth buying. Even though it’s more expensive, it offers shooters a ton of benefits that counteract the cost.

What is the range of Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag?

The range of Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag ammo is about 100 yards in the hands of a skilled shooter, which is a little more than the average 44 Rem Mag ammo.

Hornady LeveRevolution 44 Mag Review: Game Changing Ammo originally appeared in The Resistance Library at Ammo.com.

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