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Ilhan Omar Wants Free Abortions For Undocumented Immigrants Funded By The Taxpayers

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Does anyone else find it strange, when Trump was elected, thousands of Democrats claimed they would leave the country
and now, he’s president and says, “If you don’t like America, you can leave”

And all of a sudden, those same Democrats are outraged.

The Squad is in a constant attack on President Trump along with the mainstream media.

But everyone fails to see the bad ideas that the progressive wing of the Democratic party is having.

While the Democratic Party seems to be in complete agreement about providing free health care to illegal immigrants, freshmen Representative Ilhan Omar wants to take it a step further and throw in abortions as well.

No one should fear receiving medical care because they are undocumented. We must ensure that all people in our country have access to reproductive health care-Omar tweeted.

According to her website, Rep. Omar believes that nobody should ever pay for healthcare out of pocket — including abortion.

“It is horrifying that we continue to fight for the right to seek an abortion and access reproductive freedom,” says “Omar’s website. Her system would “Provide abortion coverage and care regardless of income or insurance.”

Americans didn’t liked the idea because her Twitter account was flooded with negative comments.

The list of negative comments is endless, the Dems must realize that this gotta end.

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