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IRONY: Historic French Cathedral Burned by Third-World Migrant Housed by Catholic Church

Fire at Nantes Catholic diocese
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A third-world migrant has owned up to starting a fire at the Nantes cathedral in France, after the Nantes Catholic diocese gave shelter to the so-called refugee.

A 39-year-old Rwandan refugee, idenfied only as Emmanuel, could get up to a decade in prison for committing the heinous crime. After he was brought to France by the diocese, he became a security guard for the cathedral and would use his position of power to set it ablaze.

Three fires were set at the cathedral on July 18, and it took 104 firefighters to control the massive blaze. It caused millions worth of damage and raged throughout the church for hours.

At first, Emmanuel denied starting the fire but eventually caved and confessed after investigators recovered additional physical evidence. Emmanuel’s lawyer, Quentin Chabert, claims that his client severely regrets his actions and is now cooperating with law enforcement after lying to them initially.

The cathedral was started in 1434 and took over four centuries to complete. The main organ, which has been in the cathedral since 1621, was completely destroyed. Priceless stain glass windows were also destroyed and cannot be replaced.

“He served at the altar,” said Father Champenois, before Emmanuel received his charges. “He was well liked. He was a Rwandan refugee who took steps to obtain papers in France.”

The cathedral had been damaged previously after being struck by allied bombings during World War II in 1944, and by a fire that destroyed the roof of the church. However, the damage done by these fires makes those pale by comparison.

“The fire of 1972 is in our minds, but at this stage the simulation is not comparable,” Nantes Mayor Johanna Rolland said to reporters last week.

The European nations, and enablers in institutions like the Catholic Church, have opened up the flood gates to the foreign invaders. The West may not survive as a result.

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