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Is There a Terror Attack in New York? Manhattan Experiences Widespread Power Outages Following A Series Of Explosions From Manholes In New York City (Videos)

Firefighters have initiated an emergency response protocol after ‘three booms and shakes’ were felt in New York City’s Roosevelt Island early Tuesday morning.

Crews were called to the 580 block of Main Street, south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge & Tram, just before 6am after receiving reports of an explosion and building shaking, FDNY told DailyMail.com.

Roosevelt Island residents reported being woken up this morning to at least ‘three instances of a boom and a shake’, with the third vibration being ‘felt further away’.


The explosions caused power outages on Roosevelt Island, abc7 reports.

Emergency responders have ‘reported feeling vibrations’ in both Roosevelt Island, Manhattan and Queens and allegedly requested that energy firm Con Edison ‘address power outages at several buildings’.

No injuries have been reported in the incident and the investigation remains ongoing.

Videos showed a large emergency service presence on the scene, with several fire trucks and police vehicles on Main Street.

Residents on the island said their walls shook from the impact, while people from as far away as Astoria over the East River said the thunderous noise woke them up.

‘It was very loud,’ one island resident said. ‘The walls shook, and you could hear my windows rattling.’

Concerns that these are terrorist attacks comes just a day after after the deadly car crash that left multiple dead! A deadly crash after a concert in upstate New York on New Year’s Day is being investigated as possible terrorism, sources confirmed to ABC News.

Two people were killed and five others, including three pedestrians, were injured early Monday in a crash outside the Kodak Center.

Police said one of the three vehicles involved exploded, and a police officer and numerous pedestrians were almost struck by one of the vehicles.

Law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News that the driver of the Ford Expedition is from Syracuse and that he rented the vehicle from the Syracuse Airport. Law enforcement also confirmed that the Mitsubishi that was involved in the crash was an Uber.

Police also reportedly located at least a dozen gasoline canisters in and around the Ford Expedition, causing the Rochester Police Department Bomb Squad and the Joint Arson Task Force to respond to the scene.

Rochester does have 25,000 Muslim settlers because it became a resettlement hub which means that it’s also a danger zone. In 2016 alone, Rochester suffered from over 1,000 ‘resettlements’ by settlers.

It also means that local officials will be in no hurry to reveal anything politically unhelpful.
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