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Watch: CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits Democrats Lied to America to Sell Obamacare (Video)

Jake Tapper admitted on a CNN broadcast that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats lied to the American people about Obamacare.

In the video below, Tapper says that House Democrats repeatedly lied to the American people to pass Obamacare. Tapper points out that Democrats said people could keep their doctors. He also pointed out that the Democrats said it was going to be affordable, but points out the skyrocketing health insurance premiums.

Tapper made the comments in an interview with former Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) following the successful repeal of Obamacare in the House on Thursday.

“The way that [Obamacare] was sold to the American people was in many ways mendacious,” Tapper told Israel.

Tapper then proceeded to point out all the lies that Democrats told the American people.

“They were told if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like you plan you can keep your plan. That’s not true.”

Tapper then mentioned to Israel that a majority of health insurance providers have already pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges, meaning that Americans have fewer options now than before the law.

“Do you think the Democrats in the way they sold this bill to the public really undermined their own credibility on the issue of health care?” Tapper asked Israel.

“Well, Jake look. Let’s stipulate that Obamacare is far from perfect, that there was some significant flaws in its execution, including a website that went down,” Israel began telling Tapper.

Tapper seemed to laugh at this comment, telling Israel he had forgotten about the debacle that was HealthCare.gov.

Watch the video:

It’s a little late for your revelation now isn’t Jake?

We still know that CNN is a globalist, leftist propaganda outlet. They only admit things are bad when it is no longer in the Democrats best interest to keep propping it up.