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James O’Keefe banned from Twitter after exposing CNN

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James O’Keefe recently vowed to sue Twitter after the social media platform banned him due to supposedly having multiple accounts. This is a claim that O’Keefe has since denied. The ban happened just days after O’Keefe had secretly filmed CNN director Charlie Chester who admitted to having a clear, left-wing agenda. Whilst this bias has been known by many – O’Keefe went one step further and got the proof himself. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that he has exposed CNN either.

The story broke when O’Keefe used an undercover actress who met Charlie Chester from Tinder. Here, they dated and during these meetings, she would film his opinions and ideas about CNN’s political slant. In one clip, Chester clearly said “Our focus was to get Trump out of office.” He also spoke about subtly trying to push Biden as a more slick, youthful politician and even hid certain stories that were race-based. Of course, these findings caused outrage and proved that CNN is manipulative, but as mentioned – many already knew this.

This was part of Project Veritas, a watchdog group that was created by O’Keefe. Here, the idea was to monitor the behavior of certain organizations and make sure they behaved in a neutral way. In his findings, he reported that this certainly wasn’t the case when it came to CNN.

However, this sadly wasn’t the story that made the headlines. Instead, it was the fallout that involved Twitter whose ban of O’Keefe seemed suspiciously timed and looked politically motivated. During the past few years, a number of prominent personalities who have spoken out against the left have been de-platformed, so this is nothing new.

According to Twitter, O’Keefe was using fake aliases and multiple accounts to manipulate public view, something that is worthy of a permanent ban in line with their policies. Having said this, the cynic in you would claim this was done to remove the voice of the likes of O’Keefe who are questioning the narrative and exposing media bias. Just a few months back, the app Parler was removed by the likes of Google and Apple which once again raises questions as to how neutral these platforms truly are, and more importantly the connotations that these bans have for freedom of speech.

The banning of O’Keefe’s account drew outrage with many. Steven Crowder added Twitter just suspended James O’Keefe, for acting well within the bounds of the law in exposing media bias and corruption. Anyone who denies the danger of this control on information in the public square is a fascist and not your friend.

Elsewhere, earlier this year Russian President Vladimir Putin also labeled Twitter a “tool of global digital diktat in the hands of the Western establishment.”

However, it seems that with this one going to court, that the issue is far from solved. Without sounding too dramatic, the courts could set a dangerous precedent if this one rules in favor of Twitter, which would effectively allow big-tech corporations the right to do as they please.