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Jamie Urton Was Killed Because He Was White!


Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that race may have “fed into” the deadly shooting of a driver who struck a 4-year-old child last month.

Jamie Urton, a white man, was driving on Kenton Street when he accidentally struck a 4-year-old boy March 24, police said. The boy’s father attacked Urton and then Baber shot him, Deters said.

Before he shot Urton, Deters said that Baber, who is black, told the man’s black passenger, “Get out of here. You’re black.”

Baber shot at Urton five times, Deters said.

A warrant has been issued for Baber’s arrest but he is still at large.

The boy’s father, Jamall Killings, is also charged with murder in connection with the case. Deters said that before Baber arrived to the car, Killings beat Urton.
Killings has turned himself in.

Deters called Killings an “idiot” and the crime “disgusting.”

“Who does that?” said Deters. “Your kid gets hit-, why aren’t you going to your kid? Why do you let your kid lay in the street and go open a car door and start beating a guy up?”

Urton did not deserve to die. He never intended to hit the child, and he immediately stopped to aid the child.

Yet, because he was white, he was murdered in cold blood. The media will never reveal the truth of this case.