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Antifa’s John Sullivan Goes On Live Stream Interview And Admits That His Father Is The Retired USAF General Who Got Caught With “Loose Nukes”


A lot of speculations surround John Sullivan who uses aliases such as “Activist X,” “Activist John,” and “Jayden X.”

He is a left-wing activist who openly documented and discussed his involvement in the pro-Donald Trump rally which turned into an insurrection at the Capitol and is now facing criminal charges.

Sullivan, 26, founder of protest group Insurgence USA, recorded himself entering through a Capitol window that had been broken out by the rioters before roaming the halls of Congress during the January 6 attack.

Sullivan who is from Utah told authorities that he was in Washington D.C. that day as an activist and journalist who was recording the events.

Something that can be easily disputed by just watching his videos from the event.

Sullivan was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder.

What is strange is the fact that his own brother turned him in.

James Sullivan told the FBI not only was John involved in the Capitol Hill Riot, but he believed somehow John was “in charge”

Video below:

But now more details emerge about his family!

While doing an interview with PT News Network, discussions about John’s dad come up and John confirmed his father’s background as a retired Pentagon personnel and contractor for the Department Of Defense.


Rumors about John’s father surfaced after the capitol riots but the mainstream media quickly denied these rumors!

As Shock Ya reported John’s father is “Retired” Major General Kevin J. Sullivan of the U.S. Airforce. He was caught in a shady deal transferring nuclear fuses via Taiwan. The official paperwork swept it under the rug — and sent him off with a slap on the wrist — forced retirement — in order to keep the indecent quiet.  But even Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told NBC News at the time, “I cannot ignore the breach of trust.” Read this to mean–too many people knew about what happened to just keep it secret.

“The unleashing of the fuses wasn’t discovered until 2008,” an aerospace industry analyst with intelligence ties and knowledge of the case told us. “Who knows what else he gave away before he was caught and to whom. Our best guess is that Beijing was working to get supplies through to Tehran. ”

Sullivan went on to take a lucrative job brokering military contracts – a typical ‘hush money” type deal.

At the time six generals have been smacked for their involvement in the mishandling of nuclear gear but only one got a career-killing “letter of reprimand,” and has “requested retirement.”

*Lt. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan received a letter of reprimand for not adequately addressing logistics policy deficiencies and for not taking adequate action to correct previously identified systemic issues in
ICBM logistics in his position as Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for
Logistics, Installations and Mission Support. He was also cited for not exercising effective command oversight to recognize and correct deficiencies in ICBM depot maintenance and materiel control while serving as Commander of the Ogden Air Logistics Center. General
Sullivan has requested retirement. *

Why did the mainstream media fail to cover this news when John Sullivan was their “star man” after the Capitol riots?