Home Culture “Journalism,” 2019: The Daily Beast Targets Mar-a-Lago Pastry Chef for Believing “Qanon”

“Journalism,” 2019: The Daily Beast Targets Mar-a-Lago Pastry Chef for Believing “Qanon”

The fearless journalists at The Daily Beast on Friday decided to out a pastry chef — yes, a pastry chef — who works at a chocolate shop in Mar-a-Lago for allegedly believing in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The idea behind QAnon is some top government officials are actually good people and are secretly working to take down the system from within and they tell the world about their plans with cryptic posts on 8Chan.

Incidentally, they also push for regime change in Iran:

The whole thing reeks of a psy-op but lots of boomers who just got into politics seem to really like the idea everything is going to work out just fine if they just “trust the plan” and go along with whatever comes out of the Trump White House.

One of said believers is allegedly a pastry chef named Elizabeth Alfieri who works at Mar-a-Lago.

The champions of the working class at The Daily Beast (which is owned by the multi-billion dollar megacorporation InterActiveCorp [see their massive list of holdings here]) decided to dox her and presumably push for her to be fired from her job making pastries:

Trump Employs QAnon Believer Elizabeth Alfieri as Pastry Chef at Mar-a-Lago
Will Sommer

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort appears to employ a pastry chef who frequently posts online about her belief in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory.

Elizabeth Alfieri, a Florida pastry chef, has posted dozens of times on Instagram using QAnon hashtags and slogans, often using pictures taken at Mar-a-Lago itself. Alfieri’s Instagram posts were first reported by 1100 Pennsylvania, a newsletter that reports on Trump’s properties.

On Christmas, for example, Alfieri posted an Instagram picture of a gingerbread house in what appears to be a Mar-a-Lago ballroom. The side of the gingerbread house is emblazoned with a “Q” made of blue frosting and dusted with glitter.

They embedded this tweet from “journalist” Zach Everson showing her using the QAnon hashtag alongside some of her lovely cakes:

Here’s another:

He managed to find this damning photo of her with a cardboard cutout of Trump and Melania:

As The Daily Beast noted, one of the cakes which appeared on her Instagram — *gasp* — even ended up in the hands of Donald Trump Jr.:

Does it concern anyone that multi-billion dollar megacorporations are employing giant armies of thought police whose full-time jobs are to hunt down working class right-wingers and dox them for thought crimes?

It feels like we’re living through a new Dark Age.

Author: Chris Menahan
Courtesy of InformationLiberation