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Updated: Large Truck Runs Over An Animal Rights Demonstrator – The Video Reveals Driver’s Smile At The End


We are sorry for the inconvenience, but our team did more research on the video below and we did find out that the video is not from Minneapolis. The video shows a semi-driver smiling after seeming to intentionally strike an animal rights demonstrator with his vehicle in Alberta last year.

Advocate Katrina Horner is part of the Red Deer Animal Save group and says the incident, which happened on Aug. 19 near the Olymel facility, has caused her a great deal of shock.

The original article continues below:

BLM mobs rioted for the third consecutive night in honor of Daunte Wright.

Police and protesters faced off again in Brooklyn Center after nightfall, with hundreds of protesters gathered in the city’s heavily guarded police headquarters, now ringed by concrete barriers and a tall metal fence, and where police in riot gear and National Guard soldiers stood watch. “Murderapolis” was scrawled with black spray paint on a concrete barrier.

“Whose street? Our street!” the crowd chanted under a light snowfall.

Driver’s security is also a concern during these riots.

During these ongoing nationwide riots, carriers and drivers are advised to remain in constant communication with each other, and fleets are urging their drivers to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Commercial truck drivers across America have ended up in the crosshairs of nationwide protests in response to the death of George Floyd,
and no Daunte Wright.

Protests, as well as rioting and looting in some areas, temporarily shut down major roadways and interstates, and created even greater safety concerns for truck drivers who are still trying to deliver essential goods amid the global pandemic.

This morning a video was sent to us by one of our readers in the video was allegedly taken in Minneapolis and reveals a woman protesting and holding a sign that says ” everyone deserves goodbye” and tries to stop a large truck from moving.

The driver decided to run over the protester and the video at the end reveals the driver’s smile.

Video below:

RCMP say the driver was issued a fine for failing to yield to a pedestrian, which resulted in a $776 ticket. Police did not release the driver’s identity.

Why do people stand in the middle of the street? A car/truck is coming to get out of the way don’t stand there!

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