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Leaked Footage of A Madonna Concert in Dallas Has People Freaked Out For All The Wrong Reasons

Hysterical fear of satanic rituals is arguably the ultimate human conspiracy theory – and it has truly weird origins.

It’s easy to think that QAnon’s conspiracy theory about child-eating and satan-worshipping elites is something new. But panic about satanic rituals has a long and strange history stretching back almost a millennium.

But yesterday we’ve received a video from Madonna’s concert and the Satanic rituals are again in the spotlight!

Even if you think that Madonna is just another eccentric pop star this video will surely make you creep out!

Music may push the envelope, but it seems Madonna may have gone too far; this leaked footage looks like it took place in a satanic church, not an arena.

Video below:

It seems you can’t turn on an awards show or go to a concert these days without it smacking of satanic overtones.

Okay, so this writer listened several times, and it almost sounds like she’s quoting Revelations, but then it takes a turn. She was talking about the return of Satan.

Do we allow what has become the status quo to remain, or do we begin voting with our wallets to show people that this is not the type of content we want? Remember when we were kids and we heard the stories of Elvis and other legends of the newly formed style called Rock & Roll and how they thumbed their noses at the censors? Did our parents and grandparents know something that we didn’t?

Only you, dear reader, can decide the answer to that question.

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