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“Learn To Code” For Thee, But Not For Me


Disclaimer: I may be a few months, behind on this but I still wanted to put out my two cents, I don’t know if Twitter is still banning people for tweeting ‘learn to code’ at journalists or not. But in any case, I wanted to point out the hypocrisy of the leftist journalist with the phrase “learn to code”.

Journalists in the fakestream media, also known as the mainstream media seem to have a short attention span or at least short memory when it comes to the phrase “learn to code”, since back in 2014 and 2015, through early 2016 they were the ones who were telling then-recently laid off coal miners that they should ‘learn to code’.

What I’m going to do first is make a list of all the articles telling people who were then in 2014 or 2015,through early 2016 just recently laid off, that they should ‘learn to code’, then later I’m going to make another list of all articles from these same outlets who now claim that telling a recently laid-off journalist to ‘learn to code’ is “harassment’ or “abusive”.

NPR’s Erica Peterson wrote an article titled “From Coal To Code: A New Path For Laid-Off Miners In Kentucky, New York Times’ Clifford Krauss wrote an article titled “Coal Miners Struggle to Survive in an Industry Battered by Layoffs and Bankruptcy”, Wired’s Lauren Smiley wrote an articled titled “Can You Teach A Coal Miner To Code?”, Forbes’ Anne Field wrote an articled titled “Turning Coal Miners Into Coders–And Preventing A Brain Drain”, Daily Kos’ “Skatenerd” wrote an article titled “Dear Coal Miners, Why Didn’t You Learn To Code?”, CNN’s Patrick Gillespie wrote an article titled “Coal Miners become Computing Coders”, New York Times’ Sheryl Gay Stolberg wrote an article titled “Beyond Coal: Appalachia’s Future”, Fast Company’s Adele Peters wrote an articled titled “This Kentucky Startup Employs Former Coal Miners And Teaches them To Code”.

PBS published an article titled “This Couple Teaches laid-off coal miners in PA How To Code”, Bloomberg’s Tim Loh wrote an articled titled “Appalachian Miners Are Learning To Code”, Bloomberg’s Peter Coy wrote an article titled “As Coal Industry Sputters, Some Miners Are Moving On”, ABC News’ Mary Alice Parks & Enjoli Francis wrote an article titled “Coal Miners Being Taught HTML Coding As A Second Career”, Huffington Post’s John Pavley wrote an article titled “Technical Literary: Can Everyone Learn To Code”, Huffington Post’s Dr. Imogen Coe wrote an article titled “Why Women (And Men) Should Learn To Code”, CNN’s Heather Kelly wrote an articled titled “The Coal Miner Who Became A Data Miner”, NPR’s Jim Zarroli wrote an article titled “Eastern Kentucky Tries To Keep Former Coal Miners From Leaving”, Wired’s Clive Thompson wrote an articled titled “The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding”. New York Times’ Arlie Hochschild published an article titled “The Coders Of Kentucky”.

Now if you tell a journalist who’s just been recently laid off from major ‘news’ outlets, like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and others to ‘learn to code”, its considered harassment or “abusive” and there’s a good change your Twitter could be blocked, suspended or taken down for that tweet, you could even get banned for just using the hashtag #LearnToCode or its variant #Learn2Code, even if you’re not trying to ‘targeting’ journalists.

Here are few examples of accounts being blocked for tweeting the hashtag “Learn To Code”, One Angry Gamer wrote an article titled “Twitter Temporary Banned Journalist Brad Glasgow For Using “Learn To Code” Hashtag During Appeal”

They write “you can’t even use the hashtag #LearnToCode when attempting to appeal on behalf of getting someone unbanned. A journalist from Game Objective was temporary banned for 12 hours because he tweeted at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to get his friend unbanned because Glasgow’s friend used the #LearnToCode hashtag as a joke while conversing with Glasgow and found himself suspended.”

Reason’s Robby Soave wrote an articled titled “Yes, You Can Get Kicked Of Twitter For Saying ‘Learn To Code’ – Even If It’s Not Harassment

Soave writes, “Chuck Ross a reporter at The Daily Caller was recently suspended from Twitter after making a “learn to code” meta joke—an incident that calls into question about the company’s earlier claims regarding the problematic quip.”

He goes on to say “a few weeks ago, The Wrap’s Jon Levine reported that a “person in the know” had told him tweeting “learn to code” at a laid-off journalist would be a considered a violation of the platform’s terms of services, and could result in a ban. Twitter swiftly claimed that the phrase “learn to code” itself would not be considered harassment unless directed at a specific individual as part of a targeted campaign. The company routinely takes action against such kind of communication, whether or not they are insinuations that coding experience is a better path to financial stability than journalism.”

A reporter for The Daily Caller was also locked out of his account after tweeting “learn to code” at the Daily Show account, also Tyler Grant, a frequent contributor to The Washington Examiner was also suspended for criticizing the people who were tweeting the #LearnToCode hashtag at journalists, Grant tweeted “Lots of the “Learn To Code folks are going to look, really, really stupid.”

Now these same types of “journalists” are complaining about being told to “learn to code” and calling it harassment, liberal think tank ThinkProgress wrote an article titled “The weaponization of ‘learn to code’, NBC News’ Ben Collins wrote an article titled “4chan trolls flood laid off HuffPost, BuzzFeed reporters with death threats”, Columbia Journalism Review’s Zoël Beery wrote an article titled “The troll brigades laid off journalists”, The New Republic’s Talia Lavin wrote an article titled “The Fetid, Right-Wing Origins Of “Learn To Code

These same types of “journalists” are now complaining about being told to “learn to code” and calling it harassment, and claiming its trolling and “targeted harassment” when its directed towards journalist yet when they constantly wrote articles about how coal miners should “learn to code” its not called “trolling or “targeted harassment”, it was just called helpful advise to the laid off coal miners during the Obama administration.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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