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Watch: Liberal Woman Goes Insane – Pulls Knife on Trump Supporters and Stabs Truck (Video)

Robert Fox and his passenger were attacked by a manic woman with a knife in a Panda Express parking lot in Billings, Montana because they had Trump stickers on their truck.

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The woman claimed that the men had tried to run her over while backing up. The woman has a weapon and appears to be mentally unstable.

Fox starts filming while on the phone with the police.

The woman can be seen filming Fox back. She then repeatedly stabs Fox’s Ford Excursion and bangs her head on it. Fox notes that she may have “lost a tooth.”

While the woman is attacking, another woman drives up in a blue Chevy Envoy and accuses Fox and his passenger of bothering the woman, who starts calling the men the N-word. The woman then stabs their car tire.

Fox tells the police that she might be on something, possibly pills.

As the woman turns more violent and starts smashing Fox’s car windows more he shouts at the police, “Is somebody going to come over here? If not, I’m going to take care of this.”

The video comes from May 10 and was originally shared on YouTube by the username “A.R.” In the comment section of the video on YouTube, it was revealed by the original publisher that the woman in the blue Chevy Envoy was the manic woman’s mother. The rest of the story, as written by the author, reads:

To those of you who are curious to why the camera stopped is because the cops arrived. The driver: my husband, was recording and he had to stop it in order to drive. Yes, I know I wanted to see more of the video too. 🙁
The crazy lady jumped in her mothers car and fled. The cops were right behind her. And my husband (the driver) followed them. The lady jumped out of her mothers vehicle while it was rolling and ran into Sears. She was trying to outrun the cops. The cops caught her and the arrest was done outside in the parking lot. The lady was repeatedly screaming and yelling “These N****** raped me!” Of course the cops weren’t buying her story obviously. She got arrest and was placed in the back seat of the cops car. The said she was going to get admitted to the hospital. There they would evaluate her and determine what their next protocol would be. I’m sure she will get the help she needs whether it would be help from a mental institution or psychiatric counseling. I know the police department wouldn’t let her get away with a free pass. She did commit aggravated assault, endangered others, and resisted arrest. The police asked my husband if he’d like to press charges. He didn’t press charges. The reason behind this was because we don’t live in the state the incident happened. Also, it would be an inconvenience for us to attend court dates and such. Moving along, the lady left her phone behind and Rob was holding it. The mother was demanding for him to give her daughters phone back. Of course Rob didn’t. The phone was turned in to the police. As far as our vehicle goes there was no major damage done. The lady did attempt to slash our tires but failed. The tires on our truck are high end quality tires and are brand new with layers and layers of tread. The truck did have a long scratch on the side of our truck where she carved her knife into. However, it is not anything that can not be buffed out. A police report was definitely done. And I am so thankful to God for protecting both my husband and his buddy and keeping them calm throughout this whole scenario.

I don’t know about you, but she didn’t seem to be behaving abnormally for a liberal Trump hater. That is similar to how they all behave.

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