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Linda Sarsour Claims That Jesus Was Palestinian – Now She Faces A Backlash For Her Comments

Political activist Linda Sarsour started a mini-Twitter war by writing on Twitter that Jesus was Palestinian.

“Jesus was Palestinian of Nazareth and is described in the Quran as being brown copper skinned with wooly hair,” she tweeted on Saturday.

She faced a huge backlash on Twitter.

One user wrote:
Can someone explain to Linda Sarsour what a Jewfro is?

Sarsour went on to tweet that people had been reporting her tweet, adding laughing emojis and asserted that she didn’t violate any rules.

The responses were funny but also wanted to ask Linda if she is serious.
He was a Palestinian Jew 🙂 – another Tweeted

Every time Linda tries to use theology or history she fails miserabele.
1: the word “palestine” or “palestinian” was non existing in the time of Jesus.
2: bethelehem was occupied in the time of Jesus by the Romans.
3: the languages spoken in that area were Greek,aramaic hebrew

And the Democrats say that people like Linda, Rashida, Ilhan ad Alexandria are the future of their party!

They should reconsider this for sure!

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