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Ethiopian World Federation Has Requested Malawian President Lazarus Chakwara To Investigate Madonna’s Charity “Raising Malawi”

Pop star Madonna has been trending on Twitter after being accused of child trafficking. The singer has been accused of exploiting children by the Ethiopian World Federation, who “advocate to change the laws that harm all Black People.” They uncovered several problems in the musician’s adoption of her four children, David Banda, Mercy James, and twins Esther and Stella.

The EWF has requested Malawian President Lazarus Chakwara to investigate Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi. The non-profit claims to support orphans and vulnerable children by providing health and educational programs. The EWF is asking the Material Girl singer and her associates to be restricted from Africa and not be given access to African children until an investigation into- “child trafficking, s*x exploitation, s*xual slavery, adoption reversal, the threat of coercion, fraud, deception, and abuse of power or vulnerability” is completed.

We can’t confirm whether the allegation is true, but the fact she has been accused is 100% true!

Madonna’s 1992 book titled Sex was cited in the petition, which features adult content, softcore porn, and sadomasochism. Pornographic content and LGBTQ conduct is punishable by law in the country of Malawi. “Gay porn stars were photographed in pornographic pictures with Madonna performing vulgar sex acts with the same sex which should have been disclosed during her adoption case in 2006 in Lilongwe, Malawi,” the EWF’s petition writes.

“Madonna had to sign a contract that forbade the book from including images of child pornography, bestiality, or religious imagery. Shortly after signing that agreement, Madonna founded a company called Maverick, a partnership with Time Warner. She now holds total artistic control over any work released by Maverick, who is now the book’s publisher. The agreement she signed with Time Warner with the sexually explicit content in the book Sex was null and void.”

The petition argues that the “psychology” behind Madonna’s ability to “release child pornography, religious imagery, bestiality and vulgar pornography has prompted her to open an orphanage in Malawi named ‘Raising Malawi’ in 2006 to host social experiments on vulnerable African children in Malawi.”

The group suggests that the singer is using her Malawian adopted son, David Banda, “for sexual exploitation and social experiments.” The petition cites the photos of David wearing women’s clothes, makeup, and jewelry. The EWF also alleged that Madonna falsely claimed David’s dad of being absent when she applied for his adoption.

There was a rumor that she also removed all of her Instagram posts:

We’ve managed to confirm that this is true:

This Is Not the First Time Madonna Has Been Accused of Child Trafficking

In 2009, Madonna was accused of child trafficking when the Malawi court rejected her bid to adopt a second child. In her ruling, Judge Esimie Chombo warned people against celebrity adoptions, stating that they could lead to child trafficking. “Anyone could come to Malawi and quickly arrange for an adoption that might have grave consequences on the very children that the law seeks to protect,” she said. The court eventually ruled in favor of Madonna after she filed an appeal in 2009.