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Anonymous Man Who Accused Cory Booker of Sexual Assault Asks If Democrats Will Stand by Their Own Principles

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An anonymous gay man came forward on Friday and released a document with allegations that Senator Cory Booker sexually assaulted him in 2014.

The anonymous man claims that he had met Booker at his workplace during an informal group meeting and had told Booker how much he admired him for being an advocate of the LGBTQ community. When the meeting was over, he went to use the restroom and met Booker there when he was leaving. He writes that Booker pushed him back into the restroom and up against the wall, and began touching him inappropriately and told him how being a hero “turns him on.” The anonymous man says that Booker was seeking oral sex from him.

The anonymous man continues to say how he did not report the incident because he was fired over reporting that he was sexual harassed in the workplace before. He then describes how he has had a rough time of it mentally since the encounter with Booker occurred and seeing Booker on TV defending the sexual allegation against Brett Kavanaugh had put him in a state of depression again.

He continued describing how he had contacted a law firm and an RNC committee member. The law firm suggested he contact Ronan Farrow who is a reporter who covered the #metoo movement extensively, but he got a slow response from Farrow and he became uneasy about talking with him further. He then decided to release his own story via Twitter.

The man then describes how he has nothing to lose or gain and that he is not looking for sympathy. He then followed up with predicting that Cory Booker will flip his script when one of his victims come forward.

The anonymous man then followed up with responses to a few points on Saturday via twitter.

Late Sunday evening the anonymous man posted:

Principles only matter if you stick to them when it’s inconvenient to you. Will #metoo and the Democrats stick to the principles they, themselves established?That was a rhetorical question…but the answer’s no.

He points out that his question is rhetorical because he knows, as well as the rest of us know what the answer already is.

Do you believe this man?

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