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Man Ignores Joe Biden While Watching a Football Game at Diner in Iowa

man ignore joe biden at cornstalk cafe
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Natasha Korecki posted an image of a man at the Cornstalk Cafe in Missouri Valley, Iowa who was watching a football game on TV. Korecki wrote that the man “did not care” that Joe Biden was present.

That time when former VP @joebiden is standing right next to you at the Corn Stalk Cafe and you just don’t care.

Korecki, a national political corespondent for Politico went on and made these comments about her tweet:

I ask the guy if he just wasn’t a fan of Biden’s and he says “who?” I say the former VP. The man, who farms in the Missouri Valley says he’s never heard of Joe Biden.

He says “are you serious?” When I say he was Obama’s veep, I get an “ohhhhh. I’m not an Obama fan. This is Republican country.”

To be fair, the game was on.

In addition to Biden visiting the Cornstalk Cafe, he took the opportunity to nibble on his wife’s finger during a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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