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MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD! Tom Fitton: ‘I Estimate At Least 900,000 Illegal Aliens Voted in Midterms’ (VIDEO)

Too many illegals end up voting in our election Which would be the reason for the Dems pushing for the end of the Electoral and wants to invoke the Popular vote.

The 12 states which have already agreed to the compact are — Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, and California— they have passed legislation in their respective statehouses agreeing to favor the popular vote in presidential elections.

On Monday Judicial Watch founder and president, Tom Fitton told an audience that at least 900,000 illegal aliens voted in the midterm elections.

Democrats count on these votes and voters to win elections.


Any American caught up in voter fraud, should never be allowed to vote again. Illegal Aliens vote, because they have absolutely no fear of our laws.

They are here illegally, and Democrats like, Barack Hussein Obama, have repeatedly encouraged them to, “Get Out And Vote.” This will go on until we have had enough. By then, it may be too late!

Voter fraud needs to be dealt with BEFORE the 2020 election. So important! We need voter ID laws to be passed. Dems are going to cheat like never before next time.

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