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Mother of 3 Killed by Rock Thrown From Interstate Overpass by Unknown Person (Video)

In Temple Texas, a mother of 3, Keila Flores was killed by a large rock that was thrown from a highway overpass Saturday night onto Interstate 35.

Flores was riding in the front passenger seat while her boyfriend, Christopher Rodreiquez was at the wheel. Her three children were in the back seat when the rock came crashing through the front windshield.

According to the Daily Caller:

“It happened so quick,” her boyfriend, Chris Rodriguez, reportedly said. “The front windshield just exploded.”

Rodriguez said he didn’t know what had happened until he turned on the light in the car and saw “where the rock had struck her,” he told NBC affiliate KCEN-TV.

Rodriguez pulled over and gave CPR to Flores while another car pulled over to help. They took her to the hospital where she passed away from her injuries Sunday morning.

The Temple police in Texas issued a statement, saying that they did not have a suspect at this time, nor did they have any updates. This case is being conducted as a homicide. The police have urged people with information about this case to come forward.

Watch the ABC video: