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Muslim Refugee Decides to Molest Young Woman on Train


Islam- the religion of peace!! Could not disagree more!!!

Muslim people are so low they don’t even belong on this earth. I might call them an animal, but animals protect their young, do I can’t come up with a description for this.

Mad World News reported that a 21-year-old woman who has only been identified as “Hanna” was sitting on a train in Sweden recently when a Muslim migrant chose to sit right next to her instead of one of the numerous vacant seats. She was then horrified when the 23-year-old refugee proceeded to unzip his pants and start masturbating right next to her.

Hanna noticed him staring at her with “glazed eyes” and saw his exposed genitals after the jacket on his lap slipped down. Realizing that nobody was around, Hanna knew she had to do something drastic to save herself.

The brave young woman shoved the refugee out of his seat and into the aisle. As she screamed for help, Hanna beat her attacker over the head and held the migrant at bay when he tried to flee.

“I shouted loudly, ‘Are you sitting and masturbating next to me, you f***ing creep?!’ to make a whole lot of attention,” she recounted. “The other passengers must have heard when I cried. I hit him with the Coke bottle several times. I was so angry at what he had put me through.”

“I panicked and felt trapped. At first, I didn’t think I could stand up, for I felt damn threatened by the guy,” Hanna explained. “I look up to see if anyone else seemed to notice what is happening, but no one did. I think then I’ll pull off his jacket when other passengers walking past to see what happens. But there is no one to walk past.”

Way to go lady! These nasty perverts intent on raping women and children cause they feel like it should be sent back to wherever they came from…in a coffin. Rapist and pedophiles are scum no matter where they come from.