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New Footage Found Of The Frightened Plane Lady – This Is From Much Closer To Where It Initially Happened, Listen Close And Turn Up The Volume

As the fallout from the plane lady saga rolls on, the recently-coined phrase, ‘Tmfinr’ is gaining steam yet again, a term that can now be spotted on unofficial merch.

A viral video of a distressed woman exiting a plane does not appear to be going anywhere, as theories about what the woman had seen and whether she was okay continue to circulate over a week after the video was first posted. The saga, known unofficially as the ‘plane lady’ drama, now even has its own slang in ‘Tmfinr’. If none of that makes sense to you, then here’s what it means.

If you’ve scrolled down Twitter once in the last week, it’s highly likely that you’ve seen a hot take or a reaction to the now infamous ‘plane lady’ video. For the uninitiated, the 30-second clip was originally posted on TikTok (the original upload appears to have been deleted though), before migrating across to other social media platforms and shows a particularly upset woman leaving an aircraft while other passengers remain seated.

Video below:

The incident went viral, and people started addressing it as the “plane woman” drama. Moreover, due to her meltdown, she has been tagged as the “crazy plane lady.” The incident occurred on July 3, 2023, when the lady was onboarding the American Airlines flight departing from Dallas Fort Worth airport. This situation also gave birth to its own slang, ‘TMFINR.’

The abbreviation TMFINR stands for “That Motherf****r Is Not Real.” It is a notable statement from this popular “plane drama” video.

It’s still unclear who the woman pointed at. Passengers looked around as she indicated someone at the back of the plane.

The video that we received this morning of the #TMFINR lady is from much closer to where it initially happened, listen close and turn up the volume

Watch the extended-length video of the crazy plane lady who flipped out at a passenger she claimed was “not real.” This video shows the altercation from a different angle, from start to finish.

Video below:

Here’s a possible explanation from a woman that knew the plane lady from her friends:

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