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New Video: Joe Biden Walks into a Waffle House and Recreates the G-7 Poop Moment

It’s almost impossible to make a trip to Georgia and not pay a visit to one of the Peach State’s most famous eateries — Waffle House.

That’s where President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden stopped by following Thursday night’s highly-watched presidential debate with former President Donald Trump. The couple stopped by 2758 Cobb Parkway SE in Cobb County for a late-night meal.

And after the disastrous performance at the debates, people were expecting Joe to act normal.

Both Bidens were seen walking into the Waffle House with a crowd of people near the entrance to the restaurant.

But Joe again made a fool of himself and tried to recreate the G-7 poop moment that we reported about at the beginning of the month.

Video below:

Many people saw a flashback from the G-7 summit!

During a solemn D-Day commemoration, President Joe Biden was caught in an awkward stance next to French President Emmanuel Macron, sparking rumors on social media that he may have had an embarrassing incident.

The peculiar posture led social media users to suggest the president might have gone to the bathroom. The stance of the leader, whose son Hunter Biden is embroiled in legal troubles, led people to believe he soiled himself.

The waffle house visit came directly after Biden garnered questions about his ability to serve another term after his halting delivery in a head-to-head battle with Trump in the first presidential debate of the year between two aging candidates in what is expected to be a hotly contested presidential election come November.

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