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Are North Korea’s Missiles Just Painted Wooden Boxes?


Kim Jong-un invited the world’s media to yesterday’s anniversary celebrations in Pyongyang, where several ballistic weapons were pointedly on display in a clear warning to the world not to interfere with the country’s nuclear program.

Express.co.uk reported:

Speculation is circulating that Kim Jong-Un dressed up empty, painted boxes as deadly weapons of mass destruction as part of his military parade this weekend.

But people have started questioning the validity of the rockets, including one which appears either broken or very badly made with its nose pointing skyward.

The North Korean leader smiled as he watched his weaponry roll through the streets, followed by tanks, rocket launchers and goose-stepping soldiers.

But some who watched the parade were drawn to at least one wonky-looking missile that passed behind BBC reporter John Sudworth as he delivered a piece to camera.

The flimsy looking rocket was ponting skyward and its nose cone looked slightly bent.