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Oddball ‘Pro-Life’ Senator Rips Trump’s Planned Parenthood Move

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Butch Wisner Planned parenthood should receive ZERO federal, state or local funds PERIOD! Private donations only.

Trump’s Title X rule, which could cut tens of millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood, just dropped. Among other things, it bans federal family planning grantees from referring patients to abortion providers.

This is good news for every pro-life citizen in our country!

But it seems that Bob Casey who is labeled as pro-life doesn’t support this idea!

Casey referred to the administration’s decision as an “outrageous assault on women’s health.” Casey’s opposition is notable, as the long-time Pennsylvania senator is one of just a few Democrats left in Congress to consider himself pro-life.

“This draft rule is an outrageous assault on women’s health. Seeking to defund Planned Parenthood will deny millions of women access to vital care, like contraception and cancer screenings,” Casey said. “Should this draft rule be finalized, Congress should move to undo it. ”

Casey’s father, Bob Casey Sr., was one of the most pro-life Democrats in the nation during his term as governor of Pennsylvania, and is the namesake for the famous 1992 “Planned Parenthood v. Casey” ruling, in which the Supreme Court narrowly voted to uphold their 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, where the court recognized a constitutional right to an abortion.

While Casey Jr. has remained nominally pro-life and repeatedly voted to ban late-term abortion, the senator has come under fire from pro-life groups over his continued support for federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Why should taxpayers pay for the murder of innocent babies?

If you want to give money to planned parenthood do it out of our own pocket Mr. Casey!

Apparently, he isn’t pro-life.

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