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Off-Duty Anti-Terrorism Special Forces Stop A McDonald’s Robbery In France


Off-Duty Anti-Terrorism Special Forces Stop A McDonald’s Robbery In France – unlucky guys picked the wrong day to try and rob a McDonald’s.

A McDonald’s restaurant in Eastern France was the scene of an armed robbery gone wrong this weekend, thanks to members of an elite French special forces unit who were taking their lunch break.

The attempted robbery occurred in the Ecole Valentin neighborhood of the city of Besancon on Sunday. The only injuries were to the two masked robbers, thanks to a special forces team that resolved the situation.
Dumb luck came up bad for two masked robbers that tried to rob a French McDonald’s restaurant over the weekend.

The two bandits stormed into the fast food restaurant in Besancon, France on Sunday, firing a shotgun into the air and yelling at approximately forty patrons and employees to get on the ground. They managed to grab all the cash on hand, an estimated twenty two hundred dollars, and were making their way to the exit when one of the robbers tripped down some stairs.

At that point, eleven members of a French special forces team that were on their lunchbreak sprang into action. Two of them tackled the fallen robber who sustained serious injuries in his fall, while the other soldiers gave chase to the second robber. When the second thief turned and drew his gun, refusing to comply with the soldiers’ commands, the other soldiers opened fire, severely wounding him in the abdomen.

The special forces soldiers stabilized the area until local law enforcement officers and medics arrived at the scene.

The soldiers are members of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, a special operations team whose primarily tasked with counterterrorism and hostage situations.

They told officers on the scene that they had maintained their positions until it was clear to act, in order to minimize risk to the civilians. As soon as the robbers cleared the door, they gave chase.

The robbers did not notice the soldiers because nine of them were in plain clothes.

The only injuries were to the two robbers, who were taken to a nearby hospital and treated. The local prosecutor, Edwige Roux-Morizot, has already filed charges of violence, armed robbery, and several other lesser charges against the two men.

Of course, this story has gotten a lot of comments from folks on social media, with people saying things like Anne Seow, who wrote “Well done, elite forces! You have handled the robbers with professionalism! Would be robbers might think twice about robbing at eateries! They might be arrested by even plain clothes hungry cops!”

While Daniel Tan wrote “LOL!! Of all outlets to rob, they had to do McDonald’s. What are chances of 11 elite special forces in a jewelry store?”

Another Facebook user, Sangha Vandana wrote “that was certainly not their day and met a formidable force. Sometime the adage ‘strike while the iron is hot’ is not really true when the iron is melted.”

Johnny Tan wrote “This is what called at the wrong place at the wrong time for these two robbers.”

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