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O’Reilly Accuser Says He ”Leered” at Her Cleavage, Called Her “Hot Chocolate” and Made Her Feel “Plantational” (Video)

Bill O'Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess

Bill O’Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess recounted her horrific experiences while working at a temporary job at FOX News back in 2008.

Burgess said O’Reilly would “always” walk past her desk and make a “grunting” noise, then she demonstrated it by making a sound that sounded like someone clearing their throat. She followed up by saying he would always make the noise when someone else wasn’t around.

Burgess also claimed O’Reilly told her “lookin’ good there girl” one time when she was getting off the elevator.

She claimed O’Reilly would come by her desk and would leer at her up and down. She felt like he was looking at her cleavage and it made her feel uncomfortable.

Burgess said O’Reilly once walked past her and said, “hey, hot chocolate,” but was not looking at her when he said it. She said it was “a very plantational remark.”

The Daily Mail reported:

One of the women who recently accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment came forward in a very public way on Thursday by appearing on ‘The View.’

Perquita Burgess revealed that she was the woman who contacted attorney Lisa Bloom earlier this week and detailed how O’Reilly allegedly referred to her as ‘hot chocolate’ and leered at her when she worked near his office back in 2008 while a temp at Fox News.

When asked by the hosts to describe how she felt after learning that O’Reilly had been terminated by the network for his alleged history of harassment, Burgess said: ‘I felt triumphant.’

She then added: ‘It felt cathartic.’

A remarkably composed and assured Burgess went on to detail her experiences with O’Reilly during her time at Fox News in the interview.


Burgess could no longer stay silent she revealed though when other women began coming forward top share their stories about O’Reilly.

‘I was tired of reliving the trauma every time I saw a woman speak out, and I wanted to save him from doing it to anyone else,’ explained Burgess.

On Thursday it emerged O’Reilly, who signed a $25million-per-year contract in January that would have run through the 2020 election, will instead leave the network with a $25million payout.

Watch her tell the story in the video below.

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  1. Right on. They are wanting what they get……there should be a law that would hang it on the accusers if found guilty of false testimony. But, this would totally faul up a lot of agendas.

  2. What is plantational?
    Did the View ever have any of Bill Cosby’s accusers on their show?
    Did they have any of Tiger Wood’s accusers on?
    Could you have Trey Gowdy on once in a while to rebuke some of these people.
    I never have watched a whole show of the view, maybe someday //
    Keep up the good work girls the Lib’s need you //

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