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Mysterious People Handing Out Money to the Honduran Invasion and Transporting Them by Truck (Video)

Who are the people handing out cash to Hondurans and transporting them by truck?

The mainstream media would have you believe the so called “caravan” from Honduras are beleaguered refugees on their way to America for a better life, but why are they being transported by truck and given money? Who is behind all this?

It appears the media is only filming them once they are gathered together in a large march. People facilitating the loading of trucks are wearing green vests, the same as the people leading the march.

Rep. Matt Gaetzh tweeted out a video of clip of people handing out money to people so they will join the invasion. Who are these people and where did the money come from?

Anne Laurent, a freelance journalist based in Mexico City tweeted out another video clip showing Hondurans being loaded into trucks by people wearing green neon vests.

Below is a video of two semi trucks pulling flat bed tailors full of Hondurans. They are waving a Honduras flag, but no US flag.

Anne Laurent tweeted out another video showing the invasion march in full swing being led by mysterious people in green neon vests. There are flags, but no US flags?

Add to all of this, Fox News contributor and investigative reporter Sarah A. Fox reports that what she has seen of the “caravan” includes mostly men and that Guatemalan intelligence discovered people from India, Bangladesh, Africa had also joined in with the caravan and she had seen a number of young MS 13 gang members.

What is going on? This certainly is not a spontaneous group of Honduran refugees escaping their country.

Who do you think is behind this?

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