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Photos: ‘Asylum-Seekers’ From Syria Kitted In A Gear Commonly Worn By The American Military In The Counter-Terrorism Field Show Up In California And That’s Not The Worst Part

Some syrian dudes that look scary.

Recent reporting and opinion articles have raised fears of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border to commit terrorist attacks in the United States on behalf of foreign actors. “The reality is that [President Joe Biden’s] open border is the gravest terrorist threat to the homeland in years,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), for instance, wrote in a Fox article commemorating the twenty-second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The comment followed an August news piece in CNN that revealed more than a dozen Uzbek migrants had sought asylum at the southern border, having “traveled with the help of a smuggler with ties to ISIS.”

Those arguments are highlighting the threat of terrorist attacks by illegal immigrants.

If you cross over from Mexico to the United States, you’re in. That’s why you have well-dressed refugees from Africa and China flying to Mexico and then dragging their luggage across the border.

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins reports that along with an influx of Chinese, they encountered three men from Syria — a state sponsor of terror — hiking through Jacumba, California.

There is no real screening system in place for migrants from countries designed state sponsors of terror. Who does CBP call to vet migrants from places such as Syria or Afghanistan. The Taliban?

A lot of people noticed that. 5.11 Tactical “is an American apparel brand of outdoor clothing, footwear, uniforms and tactical equipment, primarily targeting the market of military, law enforcement and public safety personnel,” reads Wikipedia.

What a crazy coincidence that gear normally worn by American military especially those in the counterterrorism universe mysteriously shows up on a bunch of Syrian refugees. How weird and coincidental!

But that’s not the worst part!

What’s even wilder is that 5.11 isn’t available at all in Europe, South America and Africa. It’s not a brand stores carry. It’s only available at retail in the US and for some reason Indonesia. How’d this guy get kitted up?

A lot of people are saying the jacket is a knockoff, but why is there any reason to believe that? It takes money to fly from Syria to Mexico so you can walk across the border in California.

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