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Pizzagate? Jack Dorsey’s Private Email Was Leaked On Elon Musk / Matt Taibbi “Twitter Files” – The Tweet Is Now Deleted

Matt Taibbi, who has been tweeting out documents showing the Biden campaign’s connection to censorship on Twitter about censoring stories they didn’t like on Twitter (including the Hunter Biden laptop story) deleted a tweet that revealed a rather odd e-mail address that former CEO.

There was one major theme that jumped out to me in the Elon Musk / Matt Taibbi “Twitter Files” bombshell posts from tonight…

One thing most people are not talking about.

Two things actually.

First, is what appears to me to be a pretty clear attempt to distance Jack Dorsey from any of the problems and “whitewash” his image.

I’m not buying it, but tell me what you think after reading these:

Three separate Tweets, all designed to make @Jack look good.

Elon and Jack are friends I believe and go back a ways…

Is Elon trying to bail out his buddy?

The second Jack Dorsey had/has been using jack@0.pizza as his e-mail address tagged in the e-mail regarding the scandal of Twitter censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story:

The owners of .pizza have gotten ICAAN to clean up who owns Jack Dorsey’s .pizza domain:

Why was the Tweet deleted?

I’ll let people make their own assumptions on this odd, .pizza domain e-mail address.

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