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President Trump Eliminated Potential Reforms To Social Security And Medicare


Liberals always want to cut social security. Elderly people have a hard enough time trying to pay bills and eat yet they live high on the hog.

So glad Trump has our back! He proved that he is taking care of his people with another interesting decision!

President Trump eliminated potential reforms to Social Security and Medicare while preparing his first presidential budget request, per Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

Mulvaney is a fiscal genius and former member of the House of Freedom Caucus, said Trump scrapped potential changes to Social Security, and he mentioned his pledge during the campaign to not touch the program.

“I laid to him the options that Mick Mulvaney would put on a piece of paper,” Mulvaney stated to CNBC. “And Trump looked at one and said, ‘What is that?’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s a change to part of Social Security.’ He said, ‘No. No.’ He said, ‘I told people I wouldn’t change that when I ran. And I’m not going to change that. Take that off the list.’”

Trump released his first budget proposal on March 16. The plan includes steep cuts to domestic programs and an increase in defense spending but doesn’t touch Social Security or Medicare.

Trump’s position on Social Security and Medicare during the campaign promised not to “cut” either program,

Thank you, Sir, Mr President! God bless you for thinking of helping seniors who could hardly buy food after paying apt. rent.

Seniors worked years to contribute into the Social Security, so seniors deserve your generosity.



  1. We got a very small increase this year, but it didn’t make any difference as they raised our medicare cost by the same amount as the increase….Something a little crooked on that score….No raise in 3 years for my husband and myself…..Barely making it…..

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Trump just haven’t had the time to cut social security. At least Obama gave us a 250$ stimulus check. From my understanding it has been the Republicans that want to mess up social security, like Bush. He wanted to put social security money in the stock market. I noticed that none of the politians cut their salaries. Whoever voted for Trump and is poor will still be poor. He is for the rich and wants war to kill off a lot of people. He never served in the military because his dad paid for him not to go. He hates Obama and tries to destroy everything he did both good and bad. Trump is not the leader of God’s people.

  2. Everyone who doesn’t have a retirement to supplement Social Security is pretty much screwed ! You see the pittance that we were given by our leaders, .0003%, then take a look at the raise the rich boys gave themselves and you will know where their allegiance lies !!! Ask not what we can do for our country, instead ask how we can fill our filthy rich pockets!

    • Thanks for sharing. Trump will soon get around to messing up social security. Paul Ryan will see to that.

  3. Well here is a good one for ya. VA HAS SENT A LETTER SAYING BECAUSE I GET SS MY HUSBAND OWES THEM 65,000 AND THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE IS PENSION OF 1,408 A MONTH AND THEY MIGHT TAKE MY 700.00 too. So we can go live in the street. I’m 70 yrs old and he can’t do anything. Has about 6 things wrong with him and now they say he needs a total hip replaced…I just don’t see how they do such a thing.

    • Penny,
      I don’t think they can do that. Talk to a legal aide attorney. Some of them specialize in SSA & VA.

  4. President Trump will do what is right for the middle class who have gotten a kick in the ass for the last 8 years by Obama, if you will all stop complaining and give him a chance. He has only been in office a short time and has already done more for the American people than any of our last Presidents. The last crew in office stuck it to the taxpayers and at the same time gave themselves big raises in their pay checks plus insurance and every other benefit they could grab ahold of.

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