Home Opinion Rand Paul Destroys Brennan: Deep State Protected John Brennan’s Security Clearance (Video)

Rand Paul Destroys Brennan: Deep State Protected John Brennan’s Security Clearance (Video)

President Trump has revoked the security clearance for former CIA Director John Brennan, the White House announced back in August, in the first decision to come from a review of access for several top Obama-era intelligence and law enforcement officials.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read a statement on behalf of the president during the start of the press briefing, saying Brennan “has a history that calls his credibility into question.”

It seems the Deep State didn’t allow this order to be finalized!

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the Deep State ignored President Trump’s order last summer to revoke former CIA Chief John Brennan’s security clearance.

Attempts to revoked Brennan’s security clearance were “hampered by aides who slow-rolled the President and by Justice Department officials who fought Trump, warning he was jeopardizing national security,” reported the Times.

What do you think about this recent New York Times story that Brennan still has his security clearance?” CNN host Brianna Keilar asked Senator Paul.

“People talk about the Deep State, now the Deep State’s actually protecting their own and not listening to the President’s orders,” Senator Paul said.

“I was sitting in the White House when President Trump said ‘I want his security clearance taken’ and I saw the order given. I saw the Chief of Staff was there, not the current Chief of Staff, the previous Chief of Staff.”


A presidential order to revoke a security clearance should not require bureaucratic forms and procedures. Find out who refused to revoke the clearance and fire him/her for insubordination.

The Deep State must be stopped!