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Raw Video: The MOAB Aftermath In Afghanistan


A look at the aftermath from the detonation of the ‘Mother of all Bombs’, the largest non-nuclear munition the U.S military has ever used in combat!

Afghan military officials told The Wall Street Journal the strike was a huge success. Nearly 100 dead bodies have been pulled from Islamic State caves targeted Thursday by the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. military’s arsenal.

Afghan officials say the death toll is likely to increase as U.S. and Afghan Security Forces continue to clear the formerly held ISIS territory.

Key word – formerly.

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From Fox News:

With lush sprawling green meadows and grazing cattle surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the scene could be any idyllic spring countryside. But look a little closer and the scorched trees signal something far from idyllic, the results of detonating the largest non-nuclear bomb the U.S has ever used in combat. 

Photos obtained by Fox News in Afghanistan taken less than two weeks after the strategically targeted explosion of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb to destroy ISIS fighters and their underground tunnels in Eastern Afghanistan’s Achin district of Nanganhar province show just how devastating the munition is.

“The war is still going on near the site,” Karim Amini, a local TOLO News journalist who toured the site, told Fox News. “[The destruction] was wide, but how deep the MOAB went was not clear as it dived into the earth and blew out the tunnels which you can’t see.”

Watch the tour of the site in the RAW footage below, courtesy of Fox News, and let us know what you think!


I say that, as long as a single terrorist still exist, I’m ready for a few more of those bad boys to be dropped.