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Report: Muslim Immigrants Sue ICE For Rejecting Religious Accommodations


There are many liberals around that are protesting the ongoing ICE raids.

Some of them burn the American flag, some of them dump gallons of fake blood on ICE buildings and some of them are teaching their children to hate ICE agents.

They teach their children to punch Piñata that looks like ICE agent.

But the pressure on ICE is set to be even bigger now.

ICE is set to be sued by 5 Muslim immigrants for rejecting religious accommodations.

When Muslim immigrants detained at Glades County Detention Center in Moore Haven came together with a set of demands concerning their religion, they believed that authorities would understand that the aspects are compulsory and not optional. That’s why they were shocked and outraged when they received an unexpected response.

According to The Interceptfive Muslim immigrants at the Glades County Detention Center were incensed when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a simple denial of their list of religious demands while in custody. Their requests included free halal meals, free prayer rugs, free Qurans, access to prayer rooms 5 times per day, access to foot-washing facilities, and special accommodation for meals after dining hours to coincide with their monthly fasts.

Now, they’re suing. On Wednesday, the men, all of whom came to the United States as refugees from Somalia, sued the Glades County sheriff and other county employees, as well as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for denying their ability to freely practice their faith, in violation of the U.S. Constitution and federal and state law.

The lawsuit, which has not been previously reported, was brought by Muslim Advocates, a national civil rights group, and Americans for Immigrant Justice, a Florida-based immigrant rights group.

“Glades County Detention Center for more than a year has been preventing Somali Muslim men from practicing their faith in various ways,” said Yusuf Saei, a fellow at Muslim Advocates. “ICE doesn’t seem to care about it and is knowingly allowing it to occur.”

The groups brought this lawsuit to vindicate their clients’ rights, Saei said. “We want to ensure that, going forward, Glades is going to treat Muslim detainees and detainees of all faiths respectfully,” he said. “It’s important to us that ICE take the protection of immigration detainees seriously and that it actually enforce its detention standards.”

What do you think about this lawsuit?

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  1. They are not citizens, not even legal residents, have never contributed to the welfare of this country and its citizens and demand everything they didn’t have in their country and free. Send them back to Somalis We don’t have to comply to their demands. SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY. .

  2. that’s an easy fix, ship their Muslim asses back to Somalia where they can practice whatever they want

  3. First of all, Islam is NOT a religion! It is a barbaric ideology that hides behind their “religion” claim. Second of all, these are ILLEGALS who shouldn’t be here in the first place! Deport their asses back to the litter-box of a country they came from!

    • Now that’s right.Ship them out,we will be sorry pretty with all these Muslim Compounds. People enter Wale Up.

  4. I wonder why they would leave the paradise called Somalia. If they stayed there, all of their religious requirements would have been met. I’m sure that, after they see how oppressive the U.S. is, they will demand to be returned.

  5. I love it when these dog-worshippers “Demand” things that no one else gets…Ship them back to the third world…

  6. No more Muslims, thanks to clown Obama we have enough. Matter of fact, the ones Obama ship over here, send them back as well.

  7. You are in “CUSTODY” through your own stupid decision making. You are not in a position to demand anything.

  8. You can practice your “religion” if you so choose.
    But the Taxpayers will NOT pay for your accoutrements just like we will not pay for Holy Bibles, Torahs, prayer beads, etc.
    Providing these things would equate to State sponsored religious practices.
    Remember “Separation Of Church And State”?
    Well…here ya go 🙂

    • I’m on your side of the argument. But supplying Bibles OR Korans isn’t the same as the “State” adopting or dictating we adopt any particular religion. We STILL shouldn’t pay for this stuff…but it doesn’t blur the separation of Church and State.

      • Without intending to speak for Fubar, my interpretation is his comment was at least to some degree to the common rallying cry of Liberals about the “sanctity of the separation of church and state.”

        There are few tactics in a debate more effective than using the opposition’s own words against them.

        • You got it…they are always screeching about the “separation” being used to stop anything they hate like Christmas decorations & such. I thought it might be fun to slap them in the face with their own fish. Though I am being serious about not having to pay for their crap.

    • We can solve the whole thing by having Moody give them free bibles, they use to have one in every hotel room! No Koran unless they get freebies!

  9. Somalians are human garbage…I work with a few and they are soooooo arrogant that it’s kind of funny being they’re reason for being so arrogant?

    Because they’re Somalian…That’s it.

    Chicks are very pretty though…That’s about it.

  10. A friend of mine has expressed a fairly different approach to deportation. He has suggested for all illegal immigrants to be put on a plane and carried to a point one hundred and fifty miles east of the state of georgia and then released. From there they would be allowed to freely go to any other country or nation of their choice. This will lower all the cost associated with or current illegal immigration problems.

  11. Rest assured there will always be a greedy lawyer who will take up and defend this type of muslim inanity…where does the constitution say the taxpayers are beholden to recent lottery winners demands?


  13. Islam is not a religion. Its an ideology and an evil death cult. The quran is an instruction manual on how to live by the ideology. The contents on the quran describe their Allah as the great deciever. The holy bible of the one true God tells us the deciever is Satan. So the detained islamic men are here as refugees not citizens! They can practice thier evil cult rituals in theier cells. No special treatment for them. They think they are better than everyone, well their not! Let them practice their evil rituals in their cells. NO freebies, NO special rooms. Then deport their asses asap

  14. Look up ” Bridgewater NJ Mosque ”

    They win multi-million dollar lawsuits. They demand super mosques where the zoning prohibits houses of worship.
    They are relentless while the population remains complacent.

  15. POX on the Musllimes, send the asses back to where they came from. They are not needed nor wanted here.

  16. Wouldn’t it be unconstitutional to provide them taxpayer paid for anything to do with religion? Isn’t that what the whole separation of Church and state argument is about in the first place?

  17. Pretty arrogant huh? They travel halfway across the globe to sneak into our country illegally then demand all this free stuff for their religion? I say put them on the next plane home and let them know if they ever show their face at our border again, they will be shot on sight.

  18. The Islamists can always STAY HOME instead of coming to spread their poison here in our home. But instead they’ll win. American ICE uniforms will have to be redesigned to feature a keffiyeh…

  19. So as they trekked here from Somalia, everyone, including Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, etc. provided all of these things!

    The first problem is that they should have gone to a Muslim country! If they feel this way they can always leave…NOW! And what’s with the suing? Oh, you heard, no more welfare!!!!

  20. And we want to let this parasitic, ISIS loving, fascist death-cult into our country, WHY???
    I hope this absurd “case” is presented before a judge Trump just appointed..
    We don’t need any more Somalis..The last two who swindled their way into Congress should have taught us all something..

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