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Robert O’Neill Explains Why We Never Saw Pictures Of A Deceased Bin Laden


The death of Osama canister Laden stamped a standout among the best days in American history.

At the point when the news broke, individuals from everywhere throughout the nation raged the boulevards in energetic acclaim as they cheered and high-fived their kindred Americans.

In the wake of the murdering, daily papers, books and even motion pictures immediately took after, describing the chivalrous mission of the SEAL Team Six squad that at last put the psychological militant superintendent to rest.

Nonetheless, there was one thing that was never discharged from that notable night  pictures of an expired fear monger pioneer. What’s more, now we may know why.

SEAL Team Six administrator Robert O’Neill, the trooper who cases to have slaughtered receptacle Laden, as of late turned out with a book titled “The Operator,” in which he not just relates some of his 400 mystery agent missions yet points of interest the occasions that happened on the night they assaulted container Laden’s compound.

For ten years bin Laden had been hunted, costing thousands of American lives and wounding and maiming thousands more. Once dead, the SEALs celebrated by pumping the goat turd smelling jihadist with over 100 rounds. You might imagine the visual results.

While O’Neill admits the celebratory acts were a bit “excessive”, he can rightfully be forgiven.

Posting any picture of the bullet sponge bin Laden was out of the question. “The picture itself would likely cause an international scandal,” O’Neill wisely surmised, “and investigations would be conducted which could uncover other operations, activities which many will do anything to keep buried.”

While that last sentence is a bit cryptic and intriguing, some secrets are best left buried for the sake of our men and women in uniform.