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Rosie O’Donnell Tops Herself With the MOST INSANE TWEET EVER

Rosie O'Donnell Tops Herself With Most Insane Tweet Ever

No one has ever accused Rosie O’Donnell of being smart, or rational, or attractive, or healthy, or mentally sound but this may be the moment that she became completely unglued. In one spectacular anti-Trump tweet the out-of-work agitator managed to demonstrate that she doesn’t understand how anything works and that her hatred for the President has finally pushed her over the edge.

No doubt reacting to the fake news of yesterday in which The Washington Post falsely claimed that Donald Trump shared classified material with the Russians, Rosie sent this tweet out.


O’Donnell wrote it in ALL-CAPS so you know she’s serious or it’s because she types like an unhinged lunatic because she is one.

The first problem is that O’Donnell seems to think that Trump will be impeached for sharing top secret information with the Russians, which isn’t close to being true. Even if Trump did, and there’s no credible evidence to that, he is the POTUS and can legally declassify whatever information he wants and share that information with whoever he wants. There is no crime regardless of whether the WaPo story is real or not.

And from there it just goes downhill for O’Donnell’s understanding of basic civics. If Trump were somehow kicked out of office, Mike Pence would become the president and every 5th grader in the country knows that. Did Rosie ever go on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and if she did, how did she do?

If Mike Pence were to assume the office of the presidency, he would likely keep AG Jeff Sessions on board since he is a big supporter. Again, a basic understanding of the rules for succession would help O’Donnle understand that the President gets to decide which cabinet members stay and which ones go.

It’s hard to believe a full-grown woman doesn’t get that Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. Her belief that Neil Gorsuch would be kicked off the bench in favor of Obama’s failed nominee Merrick Garland is laughable. Even if all of the other stuff that would never happen actually happened, Gorsuch is an SC Justice until he doesn’t want to be one.

Finally, we get to O’Donnell’s wish that all of Trump’s executive orders would be rescinded. We have to go again to the fact that if Trump stepped down Pence would be Prez and he’s not going to undo things that he believes in, namely Trump’s EO’s.

Despite he fact that everything O’Donnell wrote is completely wrong, beginning with the premise, she still manages to come off as extra-crazy because of the urgency of her ALL-CAPS delivery.

None of what she wants to happen is going to happen.

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