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Russian Warships Pound Islamic State Targets in Syria


Wake-up America! See what’s going on around you, and see what Obama left behind when he left office.

The fact is that radical Islam continues its aggressive expansion across the globe and it threatens our country too.

Two Russian warships and a submarine in the Mediterranean fired six Kalibr cruise missiles on the Islamic State group in Syria, the Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The militants who survived the attack were later killed in airstrikes. The ministry also captured the attack on the camera Watch the video below.

The ministry said in a statement that strikes targeted and destroyed Islamic State command and control centers and ammunition depots in Syria’s Hama province, according to The Indian Express.

The remaining targets were destroyed in subsequent aerial strikes. However, it did not say when the missiles were launched.

Turkey and Israel military were warned about the missile launch in a timely manner through communication channels, it added. The statement did not mention the United States.

On Monday, Moscow accused the US of issuing a warning before a US jet shot down a Syrian warplane on Sunday after which it suspended its communication channel with the US about military operations.

This is not the first time Russia has fired missiles from the Mediterranean at militants’ positions in Syria, the attacks include the recent launches from a submarine and a frigate in May at the targets in Palmyra.

Separately on Friday, a senior Russian lawmaker said Moscow is “nearly 100 percent” sure that the IS top leader al-Baghdadi was killed in a Russian airstrike in May.

The official said, “Russia would not want to be on the list of the countries that have said before that he was killed and then al-Baghdadi would resurrect.

Russia, one of the few serious countries in their fight against terrorism.

Also, it sends a great message to the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their allies; your terrorists will not achieve your political goals.

Keep piling the heat on…. Good job Russia!!

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