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Sarah Sanders Rips Into Democrats Over Investigation: It’s An Absolute Embarrassment (Video)

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Why can’t the democratic”elected” politicians leave the President alone help make America strong?

The reason is simple they will never regain control of the White House and the only way to get there is by distracting our President and bringing more illegals into our country!

They will destroy America just to put Trump down.

Today on Fox and Friends Sarah Huckabee Sanders renewed the administration’s rebuke of Congressional investigations:

“It is an absolute embarrassment members of Congress are using all their time and resources into attacking the president when they should look to try to solve problems this country has like the president is doing,”

Video below:

She is right, they are letting personal issues stand in the way of doing what they are there to do and that is to serve the American people!

The expenses of this investigation’s need to come from Democrat funds. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for nonsense.

There is so much hate for President Trump that they can’t see that they are hurting the American people and they don’t care about us. One day it going to backfire on them. How can anybody sleep with all that hate in them? They need a lot of prayers.

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first family red white gray 336