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Screenshots: A Lot Of ‘Honest US Citizens’ Think Joe Biden Is One Of The Best Presidents In The Country Right Now – But Are They Real?

Last spring Elon Musk said he has a few changes in mind for Twitter if he succeeds in acquiring the embattled social media platform – with a campaign against armies of spam bots near the top of his list.

The billionaire has framed his takeover bid as an effort to protect free speech on the social media platform. But Musk, whose Twitter account has more than 80 million followers, is also pushing for a more user-friendly experience.

“If our Twitter bid succeeds, we will defeat the spam bots or die trying!” Musk tweeted. “And authenticate all real humans.”

Musk also confirmed that he would take action to address several other issues with Twitter while responding to a user who touted his potential Twitter takeover as a positive for the platform.

After a breach in the agreement, Musk said that he no longer plans to buy Twitter and terminated the agreement last month.

The first doubts properly surfaced when Musk took issue with the number of bot and spam accounts on the platform, claiming that there were far more than Twitter had originally confirmed – and agreed the deal on. The letter once again touches on this point and uses it as justification for the termination of the deal. Specifically, claiming that Twitter has had two months to provide acceptable data, has failed to do so, and in turn, “has not complied with its contractual obligations.” According to the letter, Twitter has “failed or refused” to provide the data Musk has requested.

We come to the real problem as Musk’s claims are real!

Yesterday many people started proclaiming that Joe Biden is “one of the best presidents” in the country right now.

But are these real Americans, or better, are these real people!?

Look at the screenshots below:

The list is endless!

Here’s what the real and honest Ameircans people had to say about it:

Even the best the bots can say is “trust the process.”