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Screenshots: Facebook Thread Shows How Martha’s Vineyard Residents Really Felt About Illegal Immigrants In Their Community And It’s Not Something You Can See On The MSM

It seems every day the Biden administration slogs on, more proof arises of screenwriter Burt Prelutsky’s maxim: “If liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.”

The latest humiliating examples of progressive hypocrisy came from the elitist enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This morning pundits have been working really hard to make a big deal about how the people of Martha’s Vineyard took care of these 48 illegal immigrants … ‘LOOK AT THEM FEED THEM! LOOK AT THAT, A PLACE TO SLEEP! THEY’RE SHOWING DESANTIS!’

And then magically, they were shipped off this morning.

Lisa Belcastro, coordinator of Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter, was sent out to make excuses about getting rid of their unexpected guests.
Belcastro went on to claim there was no way for Martha’s Vineyard to take in 50 people.
But while they try to present themselves with a good heart and welcoming character the reality shows something totally different!

We have screenshots from some Facebook threads of people who live in Martha’s Vineyard, and how they really reacted to these illegal immigrants being in their luxury community.

Take a look:

The only liberal in Massachusetts who thinks they should practice what they preach. When will Edgartown build high rise housing projects?

They can all breathe a sigh of relief.

It was wrong for Heavy D to send 50 migrants to the Vineyard because they’re not ready for it. Unlike small Texas border towns who are warned well ahead of time about the thousands of migrants crossing daily

Think they’ll change their Sanctuary City status?

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