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SHOCKING: Student Points Gun at Teacher

Early this week, a video of a student pointing a gun at a teacher made it to the Internet and went viral.

In the video a 16-year-old student is seen standing over his teacher, who is sitting down, pointing a gun directly at her. The teacher apparently had marked him as absent and he was demanding that she mark him as present on her attendance sheet. In the background another student makes obscene gestures to the camera.

The student has since turned himself in to the police.

President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that “threatening a teacher is unacceptable. I’ve asked the national education minister and the interior minister to take all necessary measures to ensure these actions are punished and banned from our schools.”

French politician and lawyer, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Rally political party tweeted: “The calm of this teacher who was robbed in the middle of a pupil and the absence of an immediate report and complaint by the school as a result of this behaviour suggests that this type of incident is regular. Who does it still amazes? MLP #Créteil”

French media reported that the weapon used in the incident was an Airsoft gun.

Watch the video below:

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