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Side By Side: Jill Biden Christmas Video (Featuring drag queens) VS Melania Trump Christmas Video (Featuring Jesus) – Which do you prefer?

Christmas is right around the corner and each year the First Lady is assigned the task of decorating the White House for the festive season.

On Wednesday night, President Joe Biden’s wife Jill unveiled her Christmas decorations in a video uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, with the theme this year being “Magic, Wonder and Joy.”

In the clip, dancers can be seen tap dancing down a candy-themed hallway before leading to the main Christmas tree in the Blue Room. The White House Christmas tree has been displayed in this room many a time since 1961 but it has also occasionally been displayed in the Entrance Hall.

The dancers continue to perform in front of the tree before making their way through other rooms of the White House, showing how they have been decorated for the holiday period.

The performers’ costumes feature lots of sequins, color and nutcracker costumes. Biden doesn’t make an appearance in the video—instead, the whole clip focuses on the dancers’ performance.

They also release an accompanying Christmas video—and people have noticed just how dramatically things have changed from Melania Trump to Jill Biden.

Watch side by side and pick which video is better the one with draag queens or the one praising Jesus!

Video below:

Jill Biden Christmas Video (Featuring drag queens)


Melania Trump Christmas Video (Featuring Jesus)

Which do you prefer?
People have slammed the video.

“Delete this it’s horrible,” said one, with another adding: “Disney presents Clockwork Orange.”

“This is something of nightmares,” a different person wrote.

Other X users couldn’t help but compare Jill Biden’s Christmas video and decorations to that of Melania Trump. However, people are split over who did it better.

“How utterly tacky, tasteless and ANTI Christmas. Melania’s was tasteful, seasonal, appealed to everyone and was absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous,” one person said.

In comparison, Melania Trump’s 2020 Christmas video was completely different.

“During this special time of the year, I am delighted to share ‘America the Beautiful’ and pay tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home,” she posted to X on November 30, 2020.

nstead of featuring dancers, the video only includes shots of Melania Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump, and a variety of Christmas decorations.

The clip started with her looking down at a Christmas tree-lined hallway followed by close-up shots of presents, baubles and chandeliers. Melania Trump can then be seen walking through the differently decorated rooms of the White House as shots of festive details are scattered throughout. It finishes with footage of a toy train that bears the words “America the beautiful.”